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12303 Jones Rd #100

Houston, TX 77070, USA

Happiness From the First Sip

Enjoy the taste of pure joy when you order drinks from New Tapioca Master in Houston, Texas. We’ve been sharing our love for boba since 2019, creating a community of happy people who look forward to their first drink every day. In our shop, we offer tea, slushies, coffee, and more. You can tell us how you would like your drink, and we will see how we can make it. Contact us if you would like to learn more about us!

Photo credit to Christien & DJ @absofreakinglutelyyummy on IG 


wowoeoeomdjsjd this place. Love that it’s locally owned and staff is always helpful with lots of samples to try. I try to stop by every time I’m in the area.

-Jamila G.



Mission Statement

Here at New Tapioca Master, customer satisfaction is our top priority. In our women-owned business, we strive to make our drinks with the best and freshest ingredients. We cook our tapioca fresh several times a day to unsure the best quality for our customers. Fresh fruits are incorporated into our smoothies as much as possible to enhance smoothie flavors.

Our drinks are 75% tea and 25% ice, not the other way around. We want you to get your money’s worth. We are small business owners trying to make it in this big competitive world. Please support our business and by doing so you are also supporting our life’s dream.

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